Step in the right direction?

19 Jul

Criminal activity is now being monitored by Facebook.

Posts are now being monitored by a tool which uses data-mining techniques to scan interaction between users who have become friends recently. Users who have a big age gap and no mutual friends are also closely monitored.

The content is only reviewed when it has been flagged up by users and the police can be notified if needed.

“We’ve never wanted to set up an environment where we have employees looking at private communications, so it’s really important that we use technology that has a very low false-positive rate,” Facebook chief security officer Joe Sullivan said in a statement.

But the question that everyone’s asking is should social networks like Facebook have the right to monitor our posts? Does this mean we need to start thinking twice about what we say over the internet?

Earlier this year, a 21-year-old man from Swansea was arrested for making racist remarks on Twitter relating to Bolton footballer Fabrice Muamba.

Police forces throughout the UK regularly take action against those who post racially offensive remarks on Twitter.

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Exclusive: Stranded 300 miles from home

25 Jun

Technology never ceases to amaze me. What it can be used for and what it helps achieve is quite simply amazing.

The addition of social networking sites; particularly Facebook and Twitter have key parts to play in campaigns, and are frequently the reasons for missing people coming home safely.

It was a simple tweet that broke the news of the Hudson Riverplane crash, and lets not allow the power of the mobile phone to pass us by. Their signals can be tracked and again result in bringing someone home safe.

That’s why; a housekeeper from Stevenage, Hertfordshire is turning to social networking sites, and technology for the safety of her Mum.

However, Kelly Perkins mum isn’t missing, she knows exactly where she is. The only problem? She cannot bring her home. Jean Perkins has suffered more than four strokes, and has been given days to live, and is fighting for life in a French hospital, just over three hundred miles away.

Kelly said “Atrial Fibulation has been in Mum’s system for about six-seven years. It’s just been undiagnosed. Atrial Fibulation causes clots to form, and once diagnosed we started to see improvement. Mum was gradually trying to talk more and move her left side.”

However, once Jean had an MRI scan Doctors discovered two more clots. One in her groin and one in her heart. It was decided that she should be put on Heparin, a drug used to thin blood.

However, Doctors soon discovered that Jean was allergic to Heparin, and as a result had another two strokes. It was because of this that she has no movement in her left side at all. Jean is also unable to eat or drink anything because of the problems it could cause her frail body.

Sadly, Jean was given just days to live, yesterday (20th February) and her family are keener than ever to get her home.

Kelly has set up this website; “Help Jean” to fly her mum back to the UK. Kelly said “We’ve had a couple of quotes which are from £7,000 – £11,000 for either an ambulance which will take two days, or an air ambulance.”

We here at Whosits and Whatsits send our love to Jean, Kelly and their family and hope technology prevails in bringing Jean home.

There are more -what- in the world than people? Text your answer to…

20 Jun

by Linzi Nuttall

Try and think of someone you know who doesn’t have a mobile phone (dismissing anybody over the age of 70 and under the age of six) and it proves to be quite a challenge, right?

So it is not surprising that a report out by Cisco this week highlights that by the end of the year, the amount of connected mobile phones will outnumber the amount of people on earth.

But only a matter of years ago mobile phones did not even exist, so how have we become so reliant on them so quickly?

Walking down a busy high street, it would be almost impossible not to see someone with their phone glued to their ear, or fingers rapidly tapping across the keyboard texting.

And we have all had the nightmare of forgetting our phone. If you have ever accidently left your phone at work for the weekend, or even the evening, you will know it can feel like part of you is missing, like you have suddenly become disconnected from the world – which is just a bit, well pathetic.

But can you imagine going back to the days where you have to actually call a house phone to arrange to meet a friend and then waiting ages for that friend who is running late but has not been able to contact you to let you know? The Dark Ages.

So following this report, the message from us at Whosits and Whatsits is, instead of feeling ashamed by being so reliant on our mobile phones; let’s embrace them in the knowledge that by 2016 10 billion mobile phone users across the world will be doing the same.

The new, new iPad.

7 Mar

Maybe a little bit of an anti-climax but “The New iPad” was unveiled earlier at the Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts in San Francisco.

The new tablet put to rest all those rumours over the last couple of days. It has no 8 mega-pixel camera, although it has been improved, to 5 mega-pixels. It hasn’t got the “revolutionary” new “texture-touch” screen.

The one rumour that did prove its validity was the size and weight of the tablet device. The new iPad is slightly thicker and slightly heavier, going up from 8.8mm to 9.4mm, and from 1.3lb to 1.4lb respectively. It will have the same battery life as the iPad 2.

The main feature that comes out of today is the new high-resolution screen, and it’s 4G connectivity. The 9.7 inch screen features a HD ‘Retina Display’ at a pixel resolution of 2048 x 1536.

The screen supports more pixels per inch than the human eye can physically distinguish. So not quite the “texture-touch” but still pretty damn good.

Apple announced that pre-order for the new iPad will start today and the product will go on sale in 10 countries (including the UK and USA) in 9 days time. (16th March)

The WiFi/4G tablet will start; like its predecessors at £499 for the 16GB version, and Apple also confirmed that the iPad 2 price will drop to £329 for the 16GB WiFi model.

Tech fans all over the world were divided with the announcement, and took to Twitter to air their opinions. One fan wrote “So it’s thicker and heavier with the same battery life. I think I’ll stick with my iPad2. it’s just a new iPad. Apple product releases are increasingly becoming an exercise in anticipointment.”

Another wrote “Still doesn’t have Flash.”

However, one fan wrote “Just seen the new iPad. First thoughts: screen is insanely good, iPhoto is brilliant, graphics great. Upgrade? Almost certainly.”

Our take? Well, it certainly is an improvement, but just like the iPhone 4s, we can’t help but be disappointed with the lack of anything mind boggling. Because, let’s face it those rumours about the “texture-touch” screen, sounded pretty out of this world.

You can view Apple’s official launch video below.

Just under three and a half hours to go…

7 Mar

Just under three and a half hours to go ‘til we find out whether Apple will be unveiling a new product, and the rumour mill is running fast. Will it be an iPad 3? Or will it be an iPad HD?

Whether it’s an iPad 3 or iPad HD, some pretty big improvements are expected in the new tablet. It’s expected that the battery will be improved and more efficient, allowing for a higher screen resolution.

There have also been rumours that the new iPad will come with a new user storage option of 128GB. That’s pretty hefty! Also, with the iPad 2’s criticism of its camera, surely a new camera is top of the list for any new tablet?

With all these new features, it’s not surprising that it’s also rumoured to be slightly thicker than the previous tablet, and might even include an 8-megapixel camera (with flash).

The biggest rumour is the new touch-screen technology that Apple are said to be unveiling. When Apple sent out an invitation to all journalists last week it teased “We have something for you to see. And touch.”

It was reported yesterday that a Finnish tech startup ‘Senseg’ have struck a deal with Apple and therefore the “E-Sense textured touchscreen” will play a part in today’s launch.

The technology means that the screen will mean textures on screen will fell more real. Rough surfaces would feel rough and smooth surfaces smooth. It really is quite something.

Discussing Senseg’s technology, the newspaper’s tech editor Charles Arthur wrote: “By using ‘tixels’ generated by electric fields from elements embedded around the screen, it can make areas of the screen feel rough, ridged or rounded – and change those just as the screen pixels can change.”

Knowing Apple as well as we do, it will probably be something completely different entirely!

Beaver or Bieber?

27 Feb

If there’s one thing I love more than tech and gadgets it’s anything cheesy. That includes pop, I’m a pop princess. However you may be surprised to hear that Justin Bieber is not top of my playlist.

I’m sorry to say, it’s because of stories like this that the teenager really grates on me. It was revealed over the weekend that the 17-year-old Canadian is apparently thinking about suing the creators of iPhone app “Joustin’ Beaver.”

Copyright Whosits and Whatsits

The 69p app, available from the App Store features a buck-toothed rodent with Bieber’s signature hair-do. The star’s legal counsel have apparently issued the app developer, RC3 a desist letter ordering its removal from the App Store.

Quite frankly, I think it’s a bit ridiculous. Where would we be without parodies? I think Justin’s lawyers are forgetting that. Instead, they’re claiming the little beaver character uses their client’s celebrity image and is a “direct and blatant infringement” of Bieber’s “name, image, likeness, life story or identity.”

The “Baby” singer’s team are not just interested in the removal of the app, they’re said to have asked for a “full accounting of revenue” generated from the app’s sale, which was released earlier this month.

The game requires you to take control of Joustin Beaver and navigate him down the river of stardom, trying to satisfy his eager fans by handing out “Otter-graphs” whilst defeating paparazzi styled “Phot-hogs” with the Beaver’s lance.

I think the singer should just accept that with his degree of fame and publicity comes silly games like “Joustin Beaver” and take it on the chin. I’m sure we’ve all got bigger fish to fry!

RC3, responded yesterday with quite a tongue and cheek reply, “Nowhere in the game is Justin Bieber’s name, photo, image, or life story mentioned. We were surprised to learn that in addition to being a talented musician, Mr. Bieber is also a fictional beaver.” Good on them.

The waiting game continues…

20 Feb

Android users have taken to Facebook to vent their frustration with today’s no show in the Android market.

Imangi Studios had originally set a countdown clock that ran out earlier this morning. However there’s still no sign of the explorer running into the market any time soon.

The game’s Facebook fan page was inundated this evening with fans calling for its release. “Come out for droid now (sic)” one fan wrote, “You are liars!!! It will not be out by the end of the month! Temple Run is losing points in my book!”

So when will it be released? Keep checking back, as we here at Whosits and Whatsits will tell you as soon as we know more.

All that’s certain at the moment, is that there’s no comment from Imangi Studios just yet, and I’m sure all will be forgiven when it’s finally released.

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